Monthly Gratitude: Things I’m Thankful for This October

31 Oct , 2017  

November is right around the corner and I’m here feeling like I barely sank my teeth into October at all. Nevertheless, it’s been a great month full of inky delights, and I wanted to share some things that have made me grateful to be living the writer’s life. So, without further ado: 1.  Inktober I […]

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Heartsnare One Year On: A Journey From Depression to Joy

27 Oct , 2017  

She asked me, “Why do you think that is? Why have you disengaged from it?” And I answered her, “I didn’t think I had.” My therapist looked back at me with her usual (somewhat vexing) patience, waiting for me to know what I already knew. “Because I love that book. And if it fails, everything […]


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Today I said goodbye to therapy, and now I say hello to life.

16 Mar , 2017  

I like to joke that for my 30th birthday I gave myself the gift of mental wellness, but it’s not actually a joke. I really did that.


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Being a Writer: Am I Doing it Wrong?

15 Mar , 2017  

Writing is an odd art form. While for things like drawing and painting there are clear tutorials and guides, for writing it is really difficult to know if you are progressing in the way that you should. No on gives you clear references of what being a “good writer” should look like. It’s probably no surprise […]

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Do I Need to Write Everyday To Be A Great Writer?

14 Mar , 2017  

You’ve probably heard writing gurus, professional writers, and writing teachers all say it time and time again: If you want to be a great writer, you have to write every day. But is that true? I’ve been asked this a lot. The question often comes from people who are just starting out in their writing journey […]

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How to Supercharge Your Creativity With Writing Journals!

21 Feb , 2017  

Psst: What if I told you that you can have a tool to hand that can mean you never run out of ideas again? It’s not too good to be true. It’s actually really simple. Writing journals. Notepads and pens. That’s it. For me, specifically, I break my writing system down into two journals: Why […]


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Notable Quotes

20 Feb , 2017  

  — Read The Cheater’s Guide to Love by Junot Díaz, it’s excellent.

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6 Reasons Every Writer Should Have a Writing Journal

13 Feb , 2017  

Writing journals are all over social media at the moment as a go-to for the new and professional writer alike. You might be thinking, “What’s so special about keeping a notebook?” The writing journal is much more than just a place to store thoughts though. When used as a tool it can help you massively increase your […]

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Free Write: Discovered

1 Feb , 2017  

Hidden. Your eyes ache with the pressure of the dark.


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My Dirty Little Secret: I Fell Out of Love With Reading

25 Jan , 2017  

When I was a child, a book was never far from my hand. I would read every day, sometimes solidly all day. This continued well into my teens, but then something happened. Or, to be exact, two things.

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