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My Dirty Little Secret: I Fell Out of Love With Reading

25 Jan , 2017  

When I was a child, a book was never far from my hand. I would read every day, sometimes solidly all day. This continued well into my teens, but then something happened. Or, to be exact, two things.

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At the ballet!

6 Jan , 2017  

Yesterday was a first for me. I went to see Northern Ballet’s Beauty & the Beast at the Leeds Grand. I can think of few other venues that are so well suited for a tale of the fantastical and otherworldly, and as the red and gold embroidered curtain went up I realised that is exactly what […]

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The #WordNerd Project: Loving words one day at a time.

2 Jan , 2017  

  I’ve always loved words. I think they’re powerful. And ever since I was young I’ve had this strong belief that finding the right words matter. Unfortunately in today’s writing landscape you’re often considered pretentious if you indulge yourself with less than everyday language. To do so is considered exclusionary, and to a certain extent there is […]

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The Survivor’s Guilt of 2016: Lessons and Living Life Loud

31 Dec , 2016  

How do, folks. I just opened up Facebook to a reminder of this (not particularly funny–oh the shame!) meme I posted last year:

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The Night Before 29

3 May , 2015  

I watched my Dad laugh today. He laughed so hard he got hiccups, and red of face and crying with happiness, I saw something in him. It’s a secret we keep from no one but ourselves. Defiant of numbers and arrows of time, he’s still young. He still is. There’s a little boy there. And I […]

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On Men in Rubber and Being Grateful I Can Run

27 Feb , 2015  

If you’ve followed my social media postings over the past week, you’ll know that I’ve been struggling with high levels of anxiety. I’ve been working pretty hard lately–something I enjoy, but it turns out my body quits before my mind does, and my stress levels can rise without me being aware. A prime example of […]

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