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Micro Fiction: The Story So Far

Over the past few weeks I’ve been publishing microfiction. These pieces are stories in themselves, some funny, others weepy, all of them lovingly crafted. As some of you had guessed though, there is a larger narrative at work. With me having had a break for the holidays, now is as good a time as any to catch up on the story. Below, in order from most recent, is the story so far:

The Last Signal

They listened until the last signal cut out. Then they ate each other. He wondered if we’re only human when the world is watching.

Flash Fiction: The Eye of the Flower

Amid the rare and terrible fear he felt, there was something almost gorgeous: his time was passing, falling, fading, but now he knew his smallness. For the first time, he knew the eye of the flower.


No one in life is ever truly gone, they told him. Well, he’d realised that. Replacements were everywhere. How devastating.