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My Writer’s Life: Setting Goals for 2018

Well, I’m starting 2018 a few weeks late. The dreaded flu claimed me and then claimed my fiance, so for the past few weeks it’s been Virus City around here. Just before I succumbed to the Great Snottening though, I gave some thought to what I’d like to accomplish in 2018. That’s right, I’m actually going to do things! I wanted these to be SMART goals so I could track my progress, and I wanted them to focus on finishing some projects and also about growing my writing skills. This… Read More

Daily Happiness: A Dance Tribute to Orlando that is Beautiful and Moving

There have been many wonderful tributes to the people who lost their lives in the Orlando tragedy, and it is crucial to highlight how this attack impacted the Latinx queer community especially hard. That said, the following tribute came across my Facebook today and I had to share it. Directed by Damian Siqueiros and performed by the amazing Francis Perreault and Matthew Richardson, also featuring the song Arrow by The Irrepressibles, this tribute is simply stunning.