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Writing Study: The Sky of Ages

16 Jan , 2017  

Today’s prompt comes from an image by Greg Rakozy, which I’ve called The Sky of Ages.


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Writing Studies: How To Write When You Have Nothing to Write About

12 Jan , 2017  

Like those who practice other art disciplines I believe that writing everyday is essential to improving my skills. But how do you do it when you have nothing to write about? One way is to use prompts.

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Photo Prompt Free Write: The Heart is a Muscle, a Ghost of Peace

11 Jan , 2017  

Warming up before I jump into some novel and short story work, I thought I’d blast my way through a quick ten minute writing session.

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How Writing Groups Can Help You Let Go of Perfection and Be Productive

10 Jan , 2017  

Last year, as part of my UMLP (Unf*ck My Life Project), I started attending a poetry group called the Black Horse Poets. I now also go to a short fiction group attended by many of the same lovely people–and it is one of the best decisions I have made for my writing career. Here’s why.

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You Are What You Say You Are: Claiming Ownership of Your Artistry

9 Jan , 2017  

I’m a writer. I can say that with a moderate amount of confidence now. I’ve been doing this professionally for over a decade, my work has appeared in several journals, at multiple online venues, and my debut novel Heartsnare is now out in print. Yet it took the longest time to say it out loud, […]


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At the ballet!

6 Jan , 2017  

Yesterday was a first for me. I went to see Northern Ballet’s Beauty & the Beast at the Leeds Grand. I can think of few other venues that are so well suited for a tale of the fantastical and otherworldly, and as the red and gold embroidered curtain went up I realised that is exactly what […]


#Poetry Scrapbook: Lady Drink

5 Jan , 2017  

The following poem is based on a real event that happened in the Summer of 2016. My partner and I were just coming back from having signed on the dotted line for our first car, when I saw a woman lying at the foot of Wakefield Cathedral’s stairs. For memory’s sake, the rest is committed […]

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On learning to live with a chronic mental health condition

4 Jan , 2017  

This wasn’t what I’d planned to write today. It is what’s on my mind, though. And this doesn’t come from a place of depression. It comes from wanting to share what I have gone through so that other people going through similar experiences will know they are not alone.

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The #WordNerd Project: Loving words one day at a time.

2 Jan , 2017  

  I’ve always loved words. I think they’re powerful. And ever since I was young I’ve had this strong belief that finding the right words matter. Unfortunately in today’s writing landscape you’re often considered pretentious if you indulge yourself with less than everyday language. To do so is considered exclusionary, and to a certain extent there is […]

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#Freewrite: An Old Year’s Resolution

1 Jan , 2017  

Helen kept them in a clouded glass jar by her bedside.