Sunday Seven

My Sunday Seven: Measuring the Universe and Gay Board Games

12 Jan , 2014  

How now, world. I’m finally back on the blogging wagon and here’s my Sunday 7 for this week: 1)¬†All the Essential Science Fiction and Fantasy Books Coming in 2014 — io9 provides us with a list of 2014 highlights in the sci-fi and fantasy realms. If I could get through even a quarter of these […]

Twitter Fiction

The Last Signal

17 Dec , 2013  

They listened until the last signal cut out. Then they ate each other. He wondered if we’re only human when the world is watching.

Twitter Fiction

Flash Fiction: The Eye of the Flower

13 Dec , 2013  

Amid the rare and terrible fear he felt, there was something almost gorgeous: his time was passing, falling, fading, but now he knew his smallness. For the first time, he knew the eye of the flower.

Twitter Fiction

Flash Fiction: Outsourcing the Dying Bit

9 Dec , 2013  

“I’m not above dying,” he croaked, applying his makeup by grace of the laptop screen. “I just wish I could outsource it.”

Sunday Seven

My Sunday Seven: The Blob in a Corset and Chimps in Court

8 Dec , 2013  

Sunday started off–and I wasn’t part of it. If I rise at nine I consider myself a waste of molecular fortitude. Imagine how I felt when I looked at the clock only to discover it was nearly eleven. Oh lazy, good for nothing wretch! Nevertheless today has been brimful of activity, with plans being made, […]

Twitter Fiction


2 Dec , 2013  

No one in life is ever truly gone, they told him. Well, he’d realised that. Replacements were everywhere. How devastating.

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Religious Insight

25 Nov , 2013  

  The priest watched the dying man, hoping for a clue.  

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Today’s Flash Fiction: The Funeral Invite

22 Nov , 2013  

Today’s flash fiction is entitled “The Funeral Invite”: She pondered: What paper was appropriate for a funeral invitation? Bank statement white! That’s how he’d want to be remembered.