Twitter Fiction

A Twitter Fiction Experiment

18 Nov , 2013  

In an effort to continue to explore new and different ways I can stay productive and keep the creative cogs greased, I’ve decided to indulge in a bit of micro fiction. To be exact, Twitter fiction. Every Monday and Friday I’ll be posting an ultra short story to Twitter in a variety of genres and […]


Poetry Fragments

In the Well

6 Nov , 2013  

Poetry Fragments

The Still Water

4 Nov , 2013  

And off we go, back into it. I hope you enjoy!


Where the f*ck did my website go?

1 Nov , 2013  

I had a small WordPress update snafu. Long story short: Entire. Website.¬†Gone. Of course, because I’m such an Anal Andy (shout out to my brother Andy–which he won’t read because he’s in China and can’t), I do have a copy of said website and I could simply re-upload. But where’s the fun in that? So […]