Known for his delicate and intimate voice, Steve has been praised for creating evocative and emotive poetry about difficult subjects. His particular focus is on amplifying LGBTQIA voices and bringing a queer perspective to the scene.

The Story So Far

Steven began writing poetry at a young age. In 2016 he rose to prominence on the Wakefield poetry scene after joining the Black Horse Poets. He later took part in the Pandemonium Poets scheme at the monthly Unity Words event held by the nationally recognised Firm of Poets.

Having impressed the organisers he has now been invited back as part of the Unity Words Mentee scheme, which gives poets a chance to learn from the organisers the ins-and-outs of the performance poetry world. Steve’s mentor is Matt Abbott, whose work on the poetry scene is highly acclaimed. Steve will perform his first major spoken word set at Unity Words on March 29.

Steve is also the winner of the 2016 Wakefield Word/Black Horse Poets Writer of the Year award for 2016.


Steve is available for poetry performances. Please fill out the following form and he will get back to you shortly.