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5 Things I Learned On My Journey to Getting Published

This year, my first novel Heartsnare will be published by Lethe Press, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s been a long road to get to this point. Heartsnare has been with me, in some form, for nearly six years, with elements of it even older than that. To say I’ve been dreaming of this would be an understatement. When I lived in Bradford I would go to the Waterstones bookshop there nearly every Saturday and look up at the shelf for fantasy fiction. “One day,” I made that promise to… Read More

The Night Before 29

I watched my Dad laugh today. He laughed so hard he got hiccups, and red of face and crying with happiness, I saw something in him. It’s a secret we keep from no one but ourselves. Defiant of numbers and arrows of time, he’s still young. He still is. There’s a little boy there. And I saw him rattling around just behind my dad’s eyes and I realise that the days are constantly making avatars of us and those versions never really disappear. They’re inside us, stored away, because, yes definitely, we’re bigger on… Read More

Let’s Talk About the Times I Have ‘Selfishly’ Thought About Killing Myself

I rarely talk in this much depth about something so personal, but after repeatedly reading that Robin Williams was “selfish” or “cowardly” for taking his own life, I felt I had to respond. Click here to go to the article at is of course a trigger warning on this piece for detailed references to suicidal thoughts, self-harm and depression.