Writing Advice

6 Quick Tips for Stories that Scare (+ Spooky Prompts!)

13 Oct , 2017  

As someone who writes dark fantasy books, I’m always interested in what makes a reader’s skin crawl. You know the feeling. When it’s 4 am and you’re in the house alone and that shadow outside your door looks sort of threatening and it half reminds you of a story you read… Yes, that! I want […]

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Feast Your Eyes: Heartsnare’s Cover Revealed!

17 Jan , 2014  

I’ve been teasing this for a long time but I’m finally in place to move forward on my novel. It’s been a busy few years, but this novel has been my labour of agape and I’m really glad to say soon–oh, very soon, yes–I shall be able to share it with you. Those of you […]

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Twitter Fiction

The Last Signal

17 Dec , 2013  

They listened until the last signal cut out. Then they ate each other. He wondered if we’re only human when the world is watching.