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7 Powerful Lessons Every New Writer Needs to Know (Infographic)

Writing is a lot of fun, and it’s also a lot of work. Sure, there is plenty of advice out there about how to write something, and there are tons of talking heads ready to tell you exactly how to get rich quick, but when the spiel stops spilling and all that’s left is you and a blank page, what are the things that are going to get you through to the next day. What will keep you writing?

Beat Procrastination Today By Starting When You’re NOT Ready

Writers are procrastinators. Okay, that’s a bold statement, and I’m not sure that it will hold true for absolutely every writer out there. But in general, out of the writers I know and the many interviews I’ve read with writers talking about their habits, there does seem to be a tendency to procrastinate. That’s maybe not so surprising. Mental health issues like anxiety and depression may overlap with being a writer, both of which are conditions that lend themselves to forming a procrastinating habit. And sweet baby Penguin Jesus, I… Read More

Why I Love The Magic of Pen and Paper for My First Drafts

There is a lot to be said for great writing tools like Scrivener, Evernote and even Google Docs. I personally love Scrivener’s flexibility for simplifying nearly all stages of my workflow, from planning to character outlining, location notes and more. When I’m prepping a story for completion I switch between Scrivener and Google Docs to ensure I catch mistakes that I would otherwise be blind to and for sending out scenes to my beta readers. But there’s one area in my writing workflow that I don’t let the digital world… Read More

Where Do I Find Exciting New Story Ideas?

Coming up with ideas can be difficult, especially if like me you’re writing for a large portion of the day every day. There are some sessions when my head is buzzing with possible stories, when I’m racing to get to the keyboard. When I’m alive with the sound of music. No, wait, that’s…never mind. And then there are days when all I see when I look out on the world with my inner eyes is a landscape of static noise. Nothing. On those days, I need some inspiration (and possibly… Read More

6 Quick Tips for Stories that Scare (+ Spooky Prompts!)

As someone who writes dark fantasy books, I’m always interested in what makes a reader’s skin crawl. You know the feeling. When it’s 4 am and you’re in the house alone and that shadow outside your door looks sort of threatening and it half reminds you of a story you read… Yes, that! I want that. And, since you’re reading this, I guess you do too. So, ahead of Halloween and our celebration of all things spooky, here are a few tips gleaned from my own experience and some from… Read More

Do I Need to Write Everyday To Be A Great Writer?

You’ve probably heard writing gurus, professional writers, and writing teachers all say it time and time again: If you want to be a great writer, you have to write every day. But is that true? I’ve been asked this a lot. The question often comes from┬ápeople who are just starting out in their writing journey who feel daunted by the prospect of writing every day. That can be for a lot of different reasons, like: They’re busy with work/school/family They don’t know what they’ll write about They’ve got many other… Read More