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5 Free Tools to Make Writing for Wattpad Brilliantly Easy

Writing requires a lot of discipline and self belief. No arguments there. But there are some things that can make the process easier, particularly when you’re writing stories on the thrilling platform that is Wattpad! Whether you want to know where to get high quality images or how to make eye-catching covers, through to where you can go to get inspiration, this post has something for you! 1. Unsplash  Sure, you could go and just nab an image via Google–but fair is fair and we all like to make sure… Read More

Beat Procrastination Today By Starting When You’re NOT Ready

Writers are procrastinators. Okay, that’s a bold statement, and I’m not sure that it will hold true for absolutely every writer out there. But in general, out of the writers I know and the many interviews I’ve read with writers talking about their habits, there does seem to be a tendency to procrastinate. That’s maybe not so surprising. Mental health issues like anxiety and depression may overlap with being a writer, both of which are conditions that lend themselves to forming a procrastinating habit. And sweet baby Penguin Jesus, I… Read More